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Deep Margin Elevation Wedge – Blue Large – 50 Pack

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$110.00 AUD

After much demand the Deep Margin Elevation Wedges are now available for purchase individually.

The Deep Margin Elevation Wedge give amazing anatomical curve and allow for great contacts when cementing crowns and large fillings. 

  • Speeds up crown cementation
  • Eliminates excess inter-proximal crown cement
  • Leaves smooth tooth/cement/crown interfaces
  • Prevents gingival bleeding during crown cementation
  • Other uses: acts as a matrix to elevate deep margins

Contents of Pack:

25 x Deep Margin Elevation Wedge - Blue Large - Left

25 x Deep Margin Elevation Wedge- Blue Large - Right


Try the Deep Margin Elevation Wedge now and discover the better way to cement and elevate margins.