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QuickConnect Anatomy Band Individual Refill

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$125.00 AUD

Our QuickConnect Anatomy Bands are available in two circumferential sizes and offer three different height options.

  • The 'Large' size is primarily designed for use on molars.
  • The 'Small' size is versatile and can be used on both small molars and premolars.

Each Regular Refill pack comes with 50 QuickConnect Bands.
Each Tabbed Refill Pack comes with 45 QuickConnect Bands.

There are two versions of QuickConnect Anatomy Bands – Regular and Tabbed. The QuickConnect Anatomy Band Regular version has no tabs on the top edge of the band. 

Creating nice tight contacts on large multi-surface composites has always been challenging and one of the main causes of open contacts is that the matrix band pulls away from the adjacent tooth, unbeknown to the clinician.
The tabbed QuickConnect Anatomy Band has special “Tight-Contact-Tabs” that are pulled with a dental probe while light-curing to ensure the matrix band is in contact with adjacent teeth, guaranteeing tight contacts. Alternatively, they can be temporarily bonded to the occlusal surfaces of the adjacent teeth using dental bond and flowable composite. This second option can save valuable time by allowing you to simultaneously fill and cure the mesial and distal boxes. 

2 weeks delivery time frame for 8mm version.